Industry Uses & Applications

Deodorizer & Scents

Add your favorite essential oils or deodorizing scents to the nozzle spray bottle for a fresh and clean smell on the surfaces you spray. Adding a pleasant scent to your environment is great. Some disinfectants can be used with additional scents.
Deodorizer & Scent Control

Disinfectant & Sanitize

Use industrial grade disinfectants and sanitizer chemicals to clean and protect surfaces from viruses, germs, and bacteria. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer nozzle allows for simple adjustment of spray mist droplet size.
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Cannabis & Hydroponics

Using a blower such as the DeWalt tool adjustable and variable speed fan blower with our Fogger Nozzle attachment allows for low volume, safe and gentile spray for sensitive plants such as Cannabis & Marijuana plants. Use hydroponic fertilizers & plant pesticides.
Cannabis, Marijuana, Hydroponics

Hospitality & Public Spaces

Simple, portable and compact use is great for common public spaces and gathering areas. Whether or not your using cleaners, disinfectants or deodorizers at a hotel, sports event, movie theater, church, school or airport. Spraying large areas is made easier by 4EverGuard.
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Cleaners, Degreasers & Detergents

Add industrial grade greasing chemicals, cleaning solution and water soluble detergents to effectively spray hard to reach areas. The light weight component of our ULV fogger nozzle makes spraying chemicals easy and safe. Adjust the flow rate of the product cleaner you use.

Automotive Detailing & Aviation

4EverGuard has partnered with automotive dealerships and airlines to provide an effective solution to spray small aircraft, large passenger airplanes, cars, trucks, and boats. Our simple and portable spraying solution allows you to be able to spray your chemicals in tight confined spaces.
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